Spiral Wound Lining

Spiral Wound is a trenchless method to fully rehabilitate gravity sewers, storm drains and culverts with PVC liners. 

  • Live Flow Installations
  •  6″ – 200″+ Solutions
  • No Chemicals
  • Round & Non-Round
  • Fully Structural

Spiral Wound Lining

Spiral Wound pipe lining fully restores deteriorated pipelines without digging.  A continuous strip of PVC is mechanically wound to form a uniform liner.

6" - 42"

Expanding liner results in a tight-fit groutless solution.

40" - 60"

Lining against pipe wall for groutless tight-fit solution.

32" - 200"+

Round/non-round large diameter lining solution.

  • Sewers
  •  Storm Drains
  • Culverts
  • Brick
  • CMP
  • Concrete
  • Clay

Pipe Rehabilitation Applications

Sewer blockages, foundation changes, and unexpected lawn growth are just a few signs of a collapsed sewer pipeline. Spiral Wound Lining can rehabilitate the damaged pipeline without any unnecessary digging. It can also be completed in a live flow, making a top choice for sewer pipe lining repair.

Storm drain damage can lead to flooding and irreversible erosion. Spiral Wound Lining is a trenchless solution that can re-line your storm drains and correct the issue. With trenchless pipe repair, you won’t have to worry about any additional strain on the environment when rehabilitating your storm drains.

Culvert damage can lead to detrimental road damage that disrupts traffic and negatively impacts the surrounding environment. It’s essential to repair culverts quickly and efficiently. Spiral Wound Lining is a trenchless repair pipe solution that can prolong the life of your culvert in a minimally-disruptive way.

  • +4M LF in U.S.
  •  +20M LF Worldwide
  • +30 Year History

Pipe Rehabilitation Projects

In recent years, the massive Peachtree Creek Trunk sewer pipeline was in need of a repair. Located in such a densely populated area, a trenchless pipe rehabilitation from the team at SEKISUI SPR was the best option. More on this project…

In Portland, Oregon, you’ll find over 750 feet of 51” cast-in-place monolithic concrete sewer newly repaired using the SEKISUI SPR Spiral Wound Lining technique. More on this project…

  • Est. 2005
  • Atlanta, GA HQ
  • Installers Nationwide


We provide the most innovative pipeline rehabilitation for our installers to efficiently renew aging infrastructure. As leading innovators in trenchless technology, our Spiral Wound Lining method is a sustainable solution for pipeline rehabilitation. Contact our team today to learn more about how we can help you extend the life your pipeline systems!

Trenchless Lining Methods

3 Spiral Wound installation methods based upon pipe diameter. 

Pipe Lining Projects

Over 4 million feet of Spiral Wound Liners have been installed across the United States. See our recent projects and videos. 


We provide the most innovative pipeline rehabilitation for our installers to efficiently renew aging infrastructure. 

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