Spiral Wound Liners featured in NASSCO

The spiral wound lining method is a structural rehabilitation solution that restores the hydraulic properties of deteriorated pipelines. Spiral wound liners are mechanically installed and do not require chemical processing as part of the installation process. The construction footprint is small and the installation is fast and efficient.

Spiral Wound PVC liners are extruded at the factory and coiled onto a large drum, then shipped to the job site. Once onsite, the profile is fed into a winding machine that is positioned at the base of the access chamber. No access pits are required.

A continuous strip of PVC material is then fed into the winding machine, and the liner is constructed onsite within the host pipe. The PVC profiles are designed to interlock with each subsequent strip of material during the winding process. The profiles include gasketing materials that, once wound into place, form a tight fit mechanical lock. Depending on the project and manufacturer, spiral wound liners can be designed as a tight fit or as a fixed-diameter grouted solution.Currently manufacturers offer tight fit lining systems for diameters 8” – 60” that do not require annular space grouting and fixed diameter grouted solutions for 36”to 200” and larger including circular and non-circular applications, utilizing a wide range of structural and non-structural grouts. Read full article…


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