CIPP Business Anouncement


As part of a corporate global re-alignment strategy to shift focus to Spiral Wound rehabilitation, Sekisui SPR Americas, LLC is closing production of CIPP liners for pressure pipe applications, effective Spring 2019. The bittersweet announcement marks the end of an esteemed brand of CIPP technology; SEKISUI’s NORDIPIPE™ Liners. In 2008, SEKISUI obtained the rights to the NORDIPIPE™ technology and in 2009 established production facility in Hammond, Louisiana. Over the years improvements to NORDIPIPE™ were made by a highly skilled team. As a result, the market grew beyond expectation with strong licensed installers in Canada and the United States.

SEKISUI began the global re-alignment back in 2015 with the divesture of the CIPP business in Europe and other parts of the world. This effort is now brought full circle with the closure of the NORDIPIPE™ production facility in the United States.

Sekisui SPR Americas, LLC is now focused solely on Spiral Wound technology, emphasizing its core benefits that meet growing demands for fully structural, environmentally responsible solutions. With the newly developed SPR™TF alongside a growing presence of SPR™EX and SPR™, Spiral Wound opportunities have become a primary focus within North America.

Sekisui SPR Americas, LLC would like to acknowledge the outstanding work and dedication provided by the NORDIPIPE™ production team in Louisiana.

“We would like to thank our employees who have made the NORDIPIPE™ technology a market leader and have created an important brand-name in the world of pressure pipe rehabilitation. We thank all our licensees and customers for their loyal support of the technology throughout the last decade. With 2019 just beginning, we will focus solely on the promotion of our SPR technologies and we wish everyone a prosperous and Happy New Year.”

– Shintaro Shibata, President & COO – Sekisui SPR Americas, LLC

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