3 Savings Spiral Wound Offers Pipe Rehab Projects

How much could you be saving with Spiral Wound Liners?

1) Live Flow Pipe Lining

installing a spiral wound liner in live flow

One exceptional aspect of Spiral Wound Lining is the ability to install a liner in live flow. Flow passes through the materials and winding equipment, causing no harm to the rehabilitation process. Additionally, no chemicals/cure times negate the concern for any flow contamination.

Typically, Spiral Wound operates inside pipes with up to 25% to 30% low-velocity flow. The smooth PVC surface that boosts the hydraulic nature of our liners becomes a safety concern for workers when flow surpasses 30%. Material and equipment can even be left inside the pipeline during extremely high flow days when work is not permitted. Moreover, the natural debris that comes along with flow does not harm the installation equipment. See our live flow installation video.

How does this save money?

If you’ve worked on pipe rehab projects, you know bypass pumping can be expensive, often costing between 15% – 25% (or higher) of the total bid. Spiral Wound lessens, and in many cases eliminates, costs associated with flow management.

Trenchless pipe lining in live flow

2) Above Ground and Construction Footprint

Spiral Wound is truly a minimalist technology. The primary work and machinery are located underground. The main components sitting above ground depend on the scope of the project. A PVC spool loaded onto a truck (left picture) or multiple spools accompanied by a forklift (right picture) are the typical setup. The number of spools varies with the size of the project. A hydraulic power unit is also required to power the winding machine and unspool the PVC, however, these are small and easy to maneuver.

Since the machinery is assembled inside the pipe, the only material passing through the access during installation is a strip of PVC, which is between 4″ – 5″ wide. This allows for Spiral Wound to reach nearly all conventional access chambers while maintaining 100% trenchless integrity.

In addition to minimal equipment impact, Spiral Wound allows for a smaller amount of workers onsite. Typically, the crew numbers around 5 to 6 workers for a pipe rehab job, with larger/multiple crews for bigger projects. The lack of heavy-duty machinery and equipment permits a leaner, more efficient installation team.

above ground footprint of Spiral Wound

How does this save money?

Certain trenchless lining methods need larger access for rehab and require pit excavation near the pipe entrance. Excavation and larger crew sizes add dollars to the bid. Excavation and backfill alone can reach 100’s of thousands of dollars for certain trenchless methods. They also increase the above ground impact which may disrupt traffic and the community. Spiral Wound eliminates excavation costs, minimizes crew sizes and keeps traffic control low.

3) Installation Speed

Lining a large diameter demo pipe with SPR™TF

With no bypass pumping, pit excavation, cure times and minimal setup, Spiral Wound provides contractor’s a time-saving tool. The mechanical nature of PVC lining provides these efficiencies. For instance, the winding process allows starts/stops at any moment. This feature alone helps avoid costly errors and provides flexibility on the construction site.

Spiral Wound’s lining speed per linear foot is a major contributing factor to cost efficiency. Smaller diameter projects see upwards of 600 LF – 700 LF of renewed pipe in a single workday. Additionally, SPR™EX and SPR™TF are grout-less, tight-fitting solutions. Pipe lining occurs in close contact with the host pipe with no additional steps to fill the gap between the liner and pipe wall. In short, once lining, end-sealing and lateral reinstatement (if applicable) are complete, the pipeline is fully rehabilitated.

How does this save money?

Fewer steps mean less time and money used on the pipe rehab project. Spiral Wound takes away a number of variables typically associated with trenchless pipe lining. This ultimately provides municipalities and contractors one of the most cost-effective tools for pipe rehabilitation.

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